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    dx58so2 with siig Firewire Card


      Update: After connecting the card into a PCIx16 slot everything appears to be working correctly.  Seems like a shame to use an X16 slot on an X1 device...





      I am trying to get a SIIG firewire card to work with the dx58so2 mobo.  When the card is plugged in and the system is booted the bios hangs up at "EB" for 4 or 5 minutes and then boots to windows.  The new firewire port does not  show up in device manager.  Has anyone had any similar issues?  The card plugs into a PCIeX1 slot and I have the same problem with it plugged into either of the 2 slots.  When the card is removed the computer boots fine.  I have not updated the bios from the factory default since I have seen many problems listed on user discusions with the bois upgrade.


      DX58SO2, SIIG NN-E20012-S2, Windows 7 pro 64 bit, i7-970 CPU, 12GB RAM, EVGA GT430 video, Coursair 750W PSU, 2 x 750GB WD 6GB Black hard drives connected to the 6GB SATA ports


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