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    Problem with new Monitor and Intel GL40 chipset




      Until today, i used a 19" LG monitor with my Toshiba A300 laptop with 1440x900 res, using a VGA connection.


      I just bought a new monitor, a 23" Samsung with HDMI connection. 1920x1080 res.


      I plugged it to my laptop with the HDMI connection and installed the drivers included with the monitor.


      The resolution was set to 1280x800 by the computer. It was now the max resolution allowed.


      Strange, so made a little research and found this link




      concerning problems with native resolutions.


      I then followed the instructions provided by Intel and installed new drivers.



      Now, it didnt fix anything, moreover, the Intel Graphics and Media control Panel went missing, and it doesn't seem to be any controller at all

      I installed the drivers thrice, no difference.


      I tried to reinstall the monitor drivers, but was not possible, it doesn't identify any chipset controller.


      I visited the Toshiba site, but the only drivers offered are older



      Seriously, I don't know what to do. I'd like to get back the chipset controller, the Intel Graphics and Media control Panel, and to be able to use the new monitor at 1920x1080


      This is the Control Panel, couldn't download it again, strange..





      The problem is similar to this one





      Thank you