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    DP67BG (B3) PCIe Linkspeed ok?




      recently i have bought a DP67BG B3 Version mainboard.


      Ater i build my system and took a look on the bios i noticed for my GTX 580 gfx card a PCIe linkspeed at 5 GT/s. I am nearly 100% sure i saw that.


      After i played a while with the mainboard, I installed the newest bios (2040) and loaded the default bios settings.


      Then I configured my bios again, similar to the previos setting i used with the old bios.


      Now I am only reading 2.5 GT/s for the PCIe linkspeed to my gfx card.


      I have also installed a DLAN PCIe x1 Wlan card, the linkspeed is 2.5 GT/s. Thats why I am nearly 100&% sure for that issue because i noticed this difference when i took the first look at that.


      Can sombody of you please so kind an check that issue for me on your mainbaord?


      Thanks in advance ebe23

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          Same here GTX460


          PCIe Add-in Slots Using x16 Speed: 2.5GT/s


          Important! GTX570 throttles PCIe to 1.0 speeds to save power. (GPU-Z PCIE x16 @ x16) (BIOS 2.5GT/s)


          CUDA-Z Report Host to Device: 6318.16 MB/s (GPU-Z PCIE 2.0 x16 @ x16 2.0)

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            Ok so far. am i understanding it right? the gfx card was idleing and so only the 2.5 GT/s where shown. But i am sure i saw the 5 GT/s. Is this meaning that at this moment the gfx card was NOT idleing. It happend by pure accident and worries me now? thanks...

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              Check what GPU-z shows while the card is under heavy load, the speed should jump to PCIe 2.0.



              Now it is impossible to know what we exactly saw it's too late.

              Can't flash back to original bios because the management engine as part of the bios is blacklisted.


              Now 2.5GT/s could mean 2.5 giga transfers, of what? As we know the PCIe sends information much like the DDR memory, the effective bandwidth is doubled, to 5GT/s, but was that number doubled to begin with. Or the card could be idle. Or we saw 2.5 originally but as there is so much distance between the "2" and the ".5" it looked like 5GT/s.

              I also looked before and after flashing the new bios, and remember the 5GT/s then it wasn't anymore. I could clearly remember now that it was 5GT/s, I remember thinking how happy I was to see the correct speed detected, but it could be false memory that I just created on top of what really happened, but I'm pretty sure it was 5GT/s.