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    Intel matrix, ICH8/9/10. Mount an old volume.


      Hi Pro:s!  :)


      First of all, English isn't my native language, i hope u can understand me.

      I start with a short story so you know what i am talking about.  About 18 months ago a build a new "server" based on a Intel-labeled  motherboard and four WD 2.0TB sata-hdds (and of course other  components). This four hdds are directly connected to motherboards  sata-connectors and i use the onboard ICHx-controller to setup a Raid5 volume for security. (I work as a professional one-man-company photographer and need a lot of secure storage space.)

      6 months ago one of the disc broke down. A had make a e-mail alert  rule in "Intel Matrix Storage Console". One disc was "broken" and shown  as a red X. The volume was still accessible but i was realy worried  about all my pictures! Western Digital told me that their products  normally don't brake down (...) and ask me send ALL of my four disc to  them. I could not do that, it is impossible for me to backup 6-7 TB data, post a package and wait for a new package from them. I had to buy  four new disc, transfer all data and, well.. look happy and smile..  :??:

      Yesterday one of the new hdd:s failure! (god, gimme a bridge to jump  from) Not again, i was thinking! Today ONE MORE disc shown up with a  red X and the volume is not accessible. 2 out of 4 disc are broken.

      As i told u, i have the 4 original discs saved. Three of this is  (was..) working and my plan was to remount those, reconfigure the  storage conroller to be able to again backup all data. I have a new QNAP TS419U+ in front of me to replace this crappy WD-hardware. (hope its not WD hardware inside this box...)

      In the software "Intel Matrix Storage Monitor" there is 2 option. 1= Create Raid Volume , 2= Create Raid Volume from existing hard drive.

      I don't remeber how a solved the problem 6 months ago. Probebly it  was simpler with 4 new drives. Today both options stated tell me that  "All data on the discs will be cleared if u continue "

      My question to u is: How can i "mount" my 4 (3 working) old drives  to get the data back? Please dont flame me, i am in desperate need of  help. I know "i should have done a backup". I was naive and think it is  not possible that a raid-set will failure again, i cant have EIGHTS disc  just to be safe. Now i now better, that's sure. Could someone please  help me?

      In this moment i dont know the model name of motherboard, maybe i  can find the original box somewhere. Here is a screen shot of system  manager: http://forumbilder.se/show.aspx?iid=141201110590813fc

      Best regards / Larsa