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    Need Help Identifying this Intel Confidential CPU. Likely to be a Xeon 7500 Series.


      Hello im new to this community, i need help identifying and need help getting somewhere with this Intel Confidential Chip.

      I've had this chip for about 3 years, i have little to no knowledge of what it might be.
      What i know so far -
      It is an Intel Xeon 7500,
      LGA Socket 1366 Most likely.
      Intel Chip Markings.
      i (M) (C) '08                                 
      INTEL CONFIDENTIAL                   
      Q1SQ    ES    A4                          
      AT80604003051 AB                     
      I846002U (e4)
      Left Corner  35328118B  8229
      (e4) means it is in a circle so is the M and the C.
      The above is Verbatim to what is on the CPU
      As far as i know i am 100% Positive it is an Intel Processor and it is a Xeon.
      I contact Intel Live Support. What i got is HORRIBLE Support. Just horrible.

      The support i got was Far Far below what i thought intel could provide me with. My Support person's name was Daniel. I can provide chat logs if you would like. I must say the support was the worst i have ever gotten from anywhere. He was rude and very very mean. Ignorant too.