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    Problem with controller


      Good night dear members.
      I have a problem here that has me by the hair is standing a long time.
      At  about 3 days I bought an Asus G73SW 3D and brings a disk "normal" back  500GB and a 120GB SSD with Corsair, when the laptop arrived the first  thing I did was just format and install an operating system on the SSD, but  it was from there that the problems started when I went there to select  the disk to install the OS tells me so a notice in the SSD: Windows can  not be installed on this disk. The computer hardware may not support booting to this disk. Make sure the disk controller is plugged into the computer's BIOS menu.
      After  seeing this warning the OS installed on the disk of 500GB and that's  fine, after installing the OS to check if the SSD was operated by "my  computer" but nothing, then I decided to install the drivers and hear a  driver who installed the SSD and later  he worked, that's when I concluded that it was lack of drivers, so  after I checked the missing driver not to install Windows on the SSD is  that I saw it was Sata AHCI controller that was ruining everything, so  then I got the  controller driver which is called the file and insert iaStor.sys a flash disk  later I try to install Windows on the SSD and error that gave up but  then did not have to load the parent says the following warning: "to  continue installation, use the Load Driver to install drivers for 32 bit and 64 bit signed.
      The installation of a device driver 64-bit unsigned is not supported and may result in improper installation of Windows "
      Ready and I can not get out of here I'm by the hair, if someone could give me would appreciate a little help.

      And sorry English is that I am Portuguese and I'm using google translator