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    Cloning Intel Solid State Drives


      Does anyone have any successful experience with cloning Intel SSD's.  I am trying to clone the 1.8" uSATA 160GB G2 (SSDSA1M160G2GN) drives but we have a lot of the 80GB G2's and some older G1's in both capacites.  X18M drives.  I am getting a lot of write errors using HDCLONE.  One drive went bad after that and the Firmware update tool reported that the partition table on that one was invalid.  I'm RMA'ing that one and another old G1 160 today that is detected in the bios but not in windows anymore.  That one locks up WinPE where we use the cumbersome diskpart commands currently to create new drives.  I am looking for a reliable clone software that will store an image and clone it in one simple step to one or multiple disks.  Our drives have three partitions CDE with WES OS on C and Enhanced Write Filter (EWF) protecting C and D.  I have had limited success using HDClone Enterprise 4x to create clones.  When it fails I get write errors and a bad drive one time.  When it has succeeded the C and D partitions look ok and E partition is created but no data and not formatted.  The #1 software on CNET, EASUS, has errored out during the only attempt with it also.  Currently working with HDClone to get their software to work.  It was ~ $400 for their Enterprise SW so I'll probably beat that one to death.  You have to initialize the disk before it works at all in HDClone.  I have been starting with drives with one large NTFS partition but it seems to work just inititalizing the disk.