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    Random Blue Screen Crashes DX58S02


      Hi, Can someone please help?


      Getting random daily blue screens when browsing web, on you tube, powering down machine, installing updates, etc.


      Is my RAM the problem?  Temperatures seem to be fine and I ran a RAM test....


      I built my own PC w/ the following config:


      Intel 990X

      Intel 12GB SSD

      Windows 7 64BIT Extreme

      HP DVD

      Bigfoot Networks Ethernet

      Dynex Multi-Card Reader

      Extra Storage -- Seagate 1.5TB Drive

      New Apple 27" Cinema Display w/ ATLONA Mini Display Converter



      Here is the recurring error:


      Problem signature:
        Problem Event Name: BlueScreen
        OS Version: 6.1.7601.
        Locale ID: 1033
      Additional information about the problem:
        BCCode: 3d
        BCP1: FFFFF8800367E090
        BCP2: 0000000000000000
        BCP3: 0000000000000000
        BCP4: FFFFF8800123267B
        OS Version: 6_1_7601
        Service Pack: 1_0
        Product: 256_1


      System Files & .dmp can be found here:




      Thanks!  =)

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          Does Memtest show up errors after 5-7 passes? Try the sticks individually. Also update your motherboard´s BIOS.

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            OK... I updated to the latest BIOS and drivers....


            But then went back into the BIOS > Performace > to configure the RAM to the OEM profile which is suggested at 1600, 7-8-7, 1.65V


            System would not boot and sent me into the famed BIOS circle "the system BIOS has detected uncessful BIOS post attempts"  then the Y/N...  I cannot boot into the OS, but got back into the BIOS...


            I tried to force it out of the BIOS unbootable loop by disabeling the failsafe watchdog....


            Now I'm stuck and cannot get back to the BIOS... It just boots up and has 2 beeps every 3 seconds and it's dead...


            Any suggestions on how to get back into my BIOS?  And get the failsafe watchdog back on?  Holding down the F Keys are not getting me there.  What do I do?  Thanks!

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              OK... So i looked at the DX58SO2 Manual.... And used jumpers 2&3 to get back into the BIOS to re-configure if someone wants the solution if you happen to disable the failsafe watchdog when trying to bypass the BIOS Post loop....


              Still cannot get my system to boot with the correct 1600Mhz 1.65V RAM settings.. =/