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    S5520SC&SC5650WS FRU SDR Update Bug



      I did full firmware package update.

      At FRU SDR I promted to choose what to update: 1) FRU 2) SDR 3) FRU&SDR


      Update started...

      After this promts about serial number&product code update, I answered YES.


      Systems promts to enter these numbers: for motheboard and chassis. But I didn't knew these number and pressed NO.


      Update finished. PC boots normally with OS.


      BUT: Status LED is Amber and funs runs at full speed.


      Maybe I did something incorrectly?


      Where I can find tech. manual about updating FRU SDR?


      Or maybe somebody can describe me these steps shortly, especially - what to do with serial numbers and product codes.


      With best regards, Alexandr.

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          Make sure you have fans connected to the correct fan headers. You should have CPU fans and Chassis Fan 1, 3 and 5 connected. See Quick start guide for details. Run SEL Viewer and see if any errors cause the full speed fans.


          The serial numbers and product codes are printed on the label of the board/chassis. But you can answer No when promted about serial number&product code update, if you don't want to log them. It doesn't affect fan speed control.

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            Hello, Edward.

            Thank You very much for help.

            I'll check fans connections at Monday. But before upgrade it works normally and I think all is connected correctly there, I tried to upgrade FRU SDR two times without success.


            On some stage I selected SC5650WS as chassis.

            But maybe better to select "Other" and manually denote Fans are connected/disconnected?


            What do you think about it?


            I'll try a lot of at Monday and I'll inform about my results.


            With best regards, Alexandr.

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              Selecting "Other" will cause increased fan speed, as the FRU/SDR is not aware of the "Other" chassis thermal spec, and thus increases fan speed to ensure proper cooling.


              If the fan connections are connect, check the SEL for errors.

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                Hi, Edward.

                It's FANTASTIC.

                Stupid guys connected Sys Fans to: 1-2-5.

                I just re-order it to corrected slots: 1-3-5.


                Turned ON, and all is OK, even without new FRU&SDR Upgrade!!!


                Thank you for your help!


                With best regards, Alexandr.