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    DH61WW Voltage Override


      There is no such.The CPU is forced to run at 3.3Ghz 1.2410 Volts.


      Every CPU ratio has its own Voltage tied to it, for example 26x - 1.1360 V, 27x - 1.150 V and so on ...

      Could it be possible to set 1.1410 independently while remaining at 33x 3.3Ghz.


      Being able to set lower Voltage than default, by some value -0.10 V, -0.15 and -0.20 V would be great.

      The people building M-ITX / HTPC would appreciate this possibility to be present it this or future products.

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          Operation of any Intel-manufactured product outside the published specifications for each part, such as processor overclocking, can result in data corruption and unreliable system behavior. You are free to use your products as you wish, but there is no technical support available from Intel, or through our product support processes, to do so.

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            Thank you .


            Bios writers have already enabled almost all overclocking features that my system needed with the latest bios update, only thing left out was the CPU main Voltage Override, that didn't depend on chipset capabilities but rather on the pure decision to include it while compiling the bios. They may be adding this feature at this very moment as it seems to improove with every new release. P67 already has this so it should be simple. I understand it won't do much to complain at this time and place.