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    CPU Fan problem


      Hi, guys, recently I changed my CPU to a new QX9650 processor. I found a problem that is its temperature was pretty high, nearly 70℃ when at full load.


      My CPU fan is still a newly bought, and at 70℃, the fan was almost 4000RPM. its sound is very loud.


      I wonder whether I need to change the fan or other?


      Who can give me some suggestion about it, thank you!!

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          Wow! That is a very high value of temp and the fan's rpm. The fan is really working so hard to bring the temp down to acceptable level. Maybe an additonal ventilation by adding extra case fan will help or use another cpu heatsink-fan assembly.

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            There was already a fan installed in the case.


            Did you also use this processor?


            Is the temp of my processor normal?

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              I don't have that processor. But the Tcase rating of your processor is 64.5 deg Celsius. That's why I stated that you have a high operating temp.

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                fox,  We need to know what type of CPU cooler you use, and what size the fan is.  If it is really running at 4000 RPM, then it most likely is an 80 or 92mm fan.  Actually at full load a temp of 70C is not terrible at all, given the CPU is running at 100% on all cores.  It could be worse than that, although loud your CPU cooler is keeping up with the temperature increase pretty well.  What do you use to fully load your CPU?


                Simply changing the fan won't help, since finding a quiet fan of that size that runs at that speed is impossible.  Even with a large CPU cooler with one or more 120 or 140mm fans, you won't get your full load temps much lower than that.


                Also, one case fan is very minimal case cooling, three would be much better.

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                  The cooler is AVC, and its fan is 9cm.

                  CPU fan.JPG

                  When I open a virtual machine which created by VM, at that time the temp is 60. But if I open several virtual machines, the temp of CPU will become 70.


                  My case is very old one, I just install one case fan(only can install one fan), it was 8cm.


                  So as you mean I need to change my case or CPU cooler ?

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                    It would be cheaper and easier to just change your CPU cooler, rather than the case, or both.  You can't put a bigger fan on your AVC cooler.  The QX9650 is a 130 Watt TDP processor, which is apparently more than your previous processor.  There are many CPU coolers made that will work with your processor and fit on it's socket 775.  But your choice depends on what is available in your area.  You probably need one with a 120mm fan, but it also must fit in your PC's case.

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                      Considering 1 case fan presently installed due to limitation of case size and the tech requirements of the cpu it might be a better solution to your problem to just change the case with a bigger size with more case fans included.

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                        I have a QX9650 and they are hard to cool under best conditions  and I have mine clocked to 3.8 , I went with the cosair  H-70 , water cooler kit , now no mater what load it stays at 45C . H20 is the way to go .

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                            Thank you guys fully helps, rencently I changed my case, then I found the temp still fluctuated from 50-60 when at normal times. And It made me very confused. At last one more quesitons: will the temp of this range damage my CPU, if I run it for a long time?

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                              50 -60 will not damage the CPU , Question in your new case can you add any other fans ??  If so do it .