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    HD 3000 + AMD 6870 Trying to run 3 monitors.


      Hi, just picked up a i7 2600K and a Gigabyte Z-68 (XP-UD3-iSSD) and an Asus 6870 video card, I am trying to run 3 monitors, I have one hooked to the intel HDMI output (monitor 1) and monitors 2 & 3 are on the DVI slots on the 6870, windows boots and runs fine, I get an error of "not able to identify video card" I can't run any hardware accelerated programs, even VLC I need to change the output, no DirectX/DirectDraw or even default settings will work. Lucid Virtu still picked up the 6870, but my Catalyst Control Center is dissabled when I loaded my intel drivers and hooked the HDMI monitor up. I'm wondering if this setup is even do-able without needing the expensive display port monitors. This system is not really for gaming as much as photo/video work, so I don't need 3D running on 3 screens for games or anything. Any idea's of where to start would be appreciated!