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    Hyper V Teaming VLAN's


      So I have some Broadcom NIC's that are having major issues with Windows 2008 R2 (57711's) teaming....team breaks after a host reboot etc....and so I am starting to test the X520-DA's.


      I am wanting to use 2 X520-DA's per host.  A single port from each for iSCSI/MPIO.  The remaining port from each I will Team using 802.3ad.  I then wanted to create the following VLAN's


      • Tagged VLAN 3 - Management (for the Parent partition) 172.24.3.x
      • Tagged VLAN 15 - Heartbeat_CSV (Private IP not routed) 172.24.15.x
      • Tagged VLAN 16 - Live Migration (Private IP not routed) 172.24.16.x
      • UN-Tagged  VLAN for VM's (No IP, set at the VM level)


      My switches are Nexus 5548's.  The Team adapters would plug into a VPC/802.3ad ports on the 5548's and those ports would be Trunked with VLAN's 3, 15, 16, 50, 51, 53, and 54.  The iSCSI ports are just access ports on a single VLAN (250)



      In Hpyer V I would then create a External Virtual Switch and choose the "UN-Tagged VLAN" adpater on the Host.  I then would VLAN Tag each VM (3, 15, 16, 50, 51, 53, or 54) as needed.


      Will this work??  I ask because the documentation says to not use a VLAN for the Hyper V network because of the VLAN ID, but if I leave the VLAN "UN-Tagged" will it work?


      This is essentially the same thing I did with the Broadcom BACS tool and it worked from a Hyper V perspective, using the UN-Tagged VLAN to push all VLAN's down to the VM, and choose from there.


      Thanks for any input!!!