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    p67 sata ssd performance on xp and 7


      I recently bought a P67 chipset motherboard and as i try to have a few file copies across my system, i am getting seriously different performance when comparing window 7 to XP.


      I post this in the chipset because its unresolved to me as to where the problem is, wether its the sata ports, the chipset or another part of the motherboard. To my understanding its a driver issue.


      I am seeing a 200% drop on XP. These are both SSD's (ocz vertex2 and 3) running on intel onboard sata ports.


      An equal comparable scenario is a 4Gb file copy from 1 drive to the other where as in Windows XP it maxes out at approx. 55MB/s, and in Windows 7 approx. 200MB/s.


      I am running IRST on bother operating system. And i really dont know where to start...