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    Complete Erase of X25M


      What is the safest way to completely erase my 2 Intel X25M 80 GB drives? (Yes, I know that a reinstall of Win 7 64bit obviates the need for that.)


      However, I intend to drop an Acronis backup/image of my OS/Programs into a RAID 0 connect of these two drives - just don't have enough room for programs on a single 80 GB SSD.

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          Intel SSD toolbox has a Secure Erase function embedded in it.  It will only work on Intel SSDs but you obviously qualify.



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            A belated thank you, PKincy. Much appreciate the "common-sense" response.


            Yes sir I do have the up-to-date SSD Toolbox and assume that to make it work I must run the Toolbox:


            1) from a traditional HDD with the SSD connected but not set as a boot drive.


            2) Would that be superior to having the SSD connected via USB?


            I know this fully qualifies as a dumb-as-heck question but when I pull both X25M 80 GB's out to set up in a RAID configuration and am simultaneously setting up the new (due to arrive on 8/16/11) 510 120 GB SSD, I will be blind to the world - at least via the net.


            Short of beating a drum or sending up smoke signals, I will be cut off from the world as I know it.


            Thanks again for all,



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              Frankly, I use the Diskpart "Clean ALL" command so have not run Secure Erase from the Toolbox, but do notice it is there.


              I would expect you could break your RAID down and run it from one of them, both on the drive with Toolbox installed and on the other 80GB.  However I will admit I don't know the first thing about RAID arrays.



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