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    Intel 82574L loses connectivity




      I am experiencing problems with a Intel 82574L adapter

      driver version

      Intel PROSet version:

      Windows Server 2008R2


      My adapter loses connectivity a few hours after starting Windows. The network connection in windows doesn't show any changes, the adapter leds keep blinking, but i can't ping anything and nothing can ping me. There isn't any traffic on the adapter. The event viewer in windows doesn't show anything.

      When i run the PROSet diagnostics, the hardware test finds EEPROM Test - failed and Register Test - failed.

      If i restart the server everything works fine, and all the tests pass. The next morning the same thing happens again.

      The server is part of a Twin-blade server, and its twin is configured exactly the same, and has no problems. Both servers have been freshly installed a week ago and there is no other software installed on them, just Windows so there shouldn't be any conflicts.



      Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.