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    Intel 510s 250gb RAID 0 - Very low performance


      Hello, 1st post here. I just bought a couple of these drives and picked them over Vertex 3 due to reliability. However I'm running a RAID 0 and getting rather low performance in every benchmark I've tested:


      Crystalmark for example:

      Seq read: 545,  write: 453

      512k read: 322, write: 416

      4k read: 15, write: 30

      4kQD32 read: 159, write: 100


      Get very similar results in AS SSD



      This is a brand new M18x Laptop

      i7 2920xm

      8 GB Ram 1866

      Windows 7 64


      I did a fresh install, disabled the defrag and indexing

      My stripe is 465GB and the Raid is configured with 128KB Blocks.


      I did install the Intel Rapid Storage Driver


      Any ideas?


      Thank you.

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