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    Install of Intel Chipset Drivers Fails




      I am currently trying to install Windows 2000 server on a PC.

      The PC specs are

      ASUS P5KPL-VM Mobo

      2GB Ram

      Core 2 Quad @2.4Ghz

      500Gb WD Caviar black.


      Everytim i try to install the chipset drivers, it hangs at USB2 enhanced host controller, flashes briefly ( the whole window, and it looks like it it closing a few other error messages) and then says "an unknown error has occured, the setup will now exit."


      If anyone can help me out with this, i would be eternally grateful.



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          Are you using the correct Win 2000 Server drivers provided by the board manufacturer? Intel don't provide Server OS drivers for their desktop boards so if you can't find the correct drivers it may be because they're not available and the board isn't meant to be used with this particular server OS. I have found when using server OS's on desktop boards in the past (where it was possible) that there are often services which aren't turned on by default which stop so items of hardware working or working fully. Some examples are for Windows Image Aquisition (for scanners) and Audio (to get your soundcard or onboard sound working) - maybe there's a service for USB which needs to be enabled?