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    DX58S02 - motherboard, IOH, VR temps high, fan speeds low...


           I'm running a i7 980x in a DX58S02 motherboard with 24Gb of 1600 ram.  When I use Intel's Desktop Utility, it reports the temps for IOH, VR and the mb as 78 - 79 C, 57 C, and 53 C.  Chassis outlet fan and Aux. fan are both running about 1120 rpm, and the CPU fan is around 800 rpm (thermal margin on the CPU is 25 - 40 C).  These higher operating temps are new, and appear to be due to my joining the SETI@home project.  Their software is capable of running all  cores at 100% indefinitely (this led to system faults).  At the moment I've throttled-back the software to not exceed 80% on the CPU time, and also have limited the number of CPUs to 50%.

           My question is:  Do I need to take a much harder look at my case and cooling solutions?  The case is a Cooler Master CM 690 II Advance ATX case (RC-692-KKN2), and the CPU fan is a Cooler Master Hyper 212 Plus CPU Cooler (RR-B10-212P-G1).  I still have the stock cooler for the 980x and am tempted to put it on just to gather further information.

           In short, my questions are: 1) Shouldn't the fans be responding to the temperatures (the cpu fan does get up to 1200 -1400 rpm for brief moments)?  2) Do I need to be exploring other cooling solutions, especially if I want to let the SETI application peg the CPUs? 3) Is it possible to manually drive the fans to higher speeds?