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    CPUTIN/AUXTIN/Processor temperatures way to high ? - i5 2400 + Asus p8h61 evo evo

      I just assembled my first system ever. My basic kit is  : Asus P8h61 evo + i5-2400 + my old pny 8800GT gfx card on top of it.  It's the first time I put a computer up by myself so all of this is new to me, I'm still learning about checking if I've done things the right way...
      One of the first things I checked was obviously system temperatures.
      The Asus AI Suite II indicates my CPU temp is 26C (I couldn't find the detail per core, I don't know if it is available) and Motherboard is 24C, which all sounds ok.
      However, I installed 3 other softwares : Hardware monitor, AIDA and Speedfan to test my system temperatures in a more detailed way (I ran them separately so one program would not influence the other). Individual core temperatures seem to be ok but
      according to those 3 programs, Processor/CPUTIN/AUXTIN temperatures are too high to be normal (see the highlighted info in the linked screenshots) for detailed information.
      Those temperatures are definitely weird and since nomenclature seem to change in between softwares, it's a bit hard to know which one is which. Anyway, it's easy to see they are not normal.
      Is it a problem with the way the information is collected/calculated by the motherboard/processor interface or could it be a real issue with one of those items (or some other ?) Some people told me that only the core temperature information were relevant but nobody seemed to know the exact reason why those Processors/CPUTIN/AUXTIN temps appear to be so high.
      My pc has worked perfectly fine for the past 5-6 days but these figures seem strange and not being tech-educated, I do not know where they come from, how they are calculated, and if I should worry about it all or not (and eventually send the motherboard and/or processor back?)...I'd be happy not to fry my new system
      Some extra info about my build :
      I have the intel oem fan and heatsink above the cpu.
      5 extra fans inside the case (4 linked to the case, 1 to the mobo), split this way :
      Blowing air in the case : 2 in front , 1 on the side panel towards the gfx card and processor
      Blowing air out of the case : 1 on top, 1 in the (upper) back
      Any idea/suggestion about what I should do ?