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    Install Ultimate-N 6300 in Dell Studio 1558


      I was getting poor speed after installing my 6300 and started looking for solutions.  I now have 240-300Mbps connection with comparable hardwire speeds of 24 down and 4 up and thought I would summarize for others.  OS: W7,Ultimate 64bit.  TrendNet 632BRP Wireless N router.


      Dell pinouts from Dell (http://support.dell.com/support/edocs/systems/studio1558/en/SM/minicard.htm#wp1183668):


      Connectors on the Mini-Card

      Antenna Cable Color Scheme

      WWAN (2 antenna cables)

      Main WWAN (white triangle)

      Auxiliary WWAN (black triangle)


      white with gray stripe

      black with gray stripe

      WLAN (2 or 3 antenna cables)

      Main WLAN (white triangle)

      Auxiliary WLAN (black triangle)

      MIMO WLAN (*gray triangle)





      * The MIMO WLAN is optional and may not be available in all computers.


      I could not find a pinout for the antennas for a 6300, however another thread for a similar Intel model gave the following:


      Intel  Dell

      1       White

      2       Black

      3       Gray


      This seems to work.  Anyone know of an Intel hardware document for the 6300.  I couldn't find one to confirm these attachments.


      I uninstalled all Dell broadband and DW1502 drivers and installed the Intel driver from ICS_s64.exe.


      Another thread gave this link for configuration:




      Changed the settings according to this doc and my connection came up to par.


      Hope this helps someone else.



      Dell wireless adapters are junk!  Never upgrade, get the cheapest and order a new one off of Amazon.  We currently have 5 Dell laptops in the house and every Dell wireless adapter barely hits 54Mbps speeds.  We do have one that hits 108Mbps when the moon is right. Tried everything and they are still just junk.  Every adapter I change out gives me 240-300Mbps and very good streaming throughput.


      My TrendNet 632BRP is a great router.  I've had this router since CompUSA closed its stores ~5yrs and it is great.  We can have five computers attached and see 200Mbps+ per computer.  I've streamed 720p movies (different movies, different drives, using VLC) to all five computers at the same time and the Trendnet delivered flawlessly.


      My 2 cents for cheap routers and Dell junk.