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    Discovery of CPU with wmi and cpuinfo - inconsitencies



      We are running discovery tools to populate our CMDB. One of the items disocvered is the CPU make, model and number of cores.

      There are some inconsistencies in the number of cores reported, that hopefully the community can help me understand.

      On Windows machines the tool uses wmi queries and on Linux machines parses the output from cpuinfo.


      We have, for example, 2 servers with E5335 Xeons, one is revision 3851, stepping 11. The other is revision 3847, stepping 7.

      The rev 3851 is reported as having 4 cores, the rev 3847 is reported as having 2 cores.


      Does anyone know why the OS would report different values ?


      There are other examples of this with E7330 models, where Linux reports 2 cores and Windows 4 cores.


      Thanks in advance for any info.