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    Setting up a SSD drive with ISRT and OS on same drive


      So I am going to be building a new  system with a Z68 motherboard, along with an Intel 510 SSD 120 gb drive. I am  planning on partitioning the SSD into two drives, one for the max 64 gb  ISRT cache, and the other with the rest of the space for the win7 prof  64 bit OS drive.


      So my question is if the splitting of the SSD is possible like I mentioned?


      and  next, what should I pick for a data/app drive? I am not sure whether to  go with my usual 2 drive raid-0 setup, or simply get one drive since I  will be using ISRT. Any suggestions?


      Due to not getting answers on the motherboard forum, I thought I would give here a shot too.