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    SQL Server 2005 - Itanium or Xeon





      We have a new database server that  has 4x2 IA64 Montvale CPUs.



      This was supposed to replace a 4x2 Opteron Santa Ana 1218 system.



      The Database is (and was) CPU bound rather than IO bound. The new server (after tuning by HP) is delivering 25% less throughput than the old one. The DB is small enough to fit in memory (32GB) in both cases...



      Should we be looking at a 4x4 7400 series Xeons instead?



      Thxs, Chris



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          Christopher Peters

          Chris, Since you are looking to replace a solution already running an 4 socket x86-based solution and with the database memory size (32GB) you are running, a Xeon 7400 series solution would be a very logical choice.  The HP DL580 system supports the new Xeon 7400 processors that feature 6-cores and up to 16MB large on die cache.  The throughput on these servers is very powerful - in fact the HP server recently set the #1 price/performance result on TPCC result with SQL 05 supporting 634,000 transactions per minute with $1.10/tpmc.


          Let me know if you need any more help and I’m interested in hearing back on the results of your assessment.


          Chris P