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    Optiplex 990 - won't PXE boot with Cisco 4500E & POE


      Q67 Chipset, Intel 82579LM Gigabit Network Connection.


      The issue I have is only with the Cisco 4500E switch and the Optiplex 990. The error occurs when it is initializing intel boot agent this is before it displays the network address and goes to look for the a boot server.


      It is using the intel boot agent GE v1.3.63 Build 089.


      error is PXE-E61 Media device failed to load


      Turning off POE does resolve this issue - but this is not a long term option for us.


      I have tested an e6320 with the v1.3.63 boot agent and it is okay.


      I am now looking for a BIOS update for the 990 that might upgrade the intel boot agent to v.1.3.72 as the latest 6320 BIOS upgrade has done.