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    Configurating A New Build PC to Hot Swap SATA Hard Drives


      I just built a PC and want to properly configure it to allow hot swapping of backup hard disk drives. The way I hot swap is with an Antec Easy SATA Docking Station installed in the front panel of the PC. I slide a bare internal hard disk drive into or out of the docking station. The drive seats in the docking station in such a way that SATA power and data connectors make electrical contact to allow the drive to function. I also want to hookup an external SATA connector.


      The PC has the following components:

      • Motherboard: Intel DH67BL

      • Processor: Intel i5-2500k

      • Memory: Crucial 4 GB Memory Kit

      • Boot/System Drive: Intel 320 Series 80 GB SSD

      • Data Drive: Seagate Barracuda 7200.12 1 TB HDD

      • Optical Drive: ASUS DRW-24B1ST DVD writer

      • Operating System: Windows 7 Ultimate 32 Bit


      -----------Current BIOS Configuration Section for SATA Drives is below------------------


      System Setup




      SATA Drives


      Chipset SATA Controller Configuration

      Chipset SATA ----- <Enable>

      Chipset SATA Mode <AHCI>

      S. M. A. R. T. ----- <Enable>

      SATA Port 0 ----- Intel SSDSA2CW(80.0 GB – 3.0 Gb/s)

      SATA Port 1 ----- [Not Installed]

      SATA Port 2 ----- ST31000528AS (1000.2 GB – 3.0 Gb/s)

      SATA Port 3 ----- ASUS DRW-24(1.5 Gb/s)


      eSATA Ports <Enable>

      Internal eSATA Port 4 ----- [Not Installed]

      External eSATA Port 5 ----- [Not Installed]


      Hard Disk Pre-Delay <No>


      ----------End of BIOS Section---------------------


      The controller is capable of handling 6 ports (0 through 5). However, the motherboard only has 5 ports (0 through 4). I want to hookup 1 external SATA connector and my docking station. I propose that I use Port 4 for the external SATA connector and Port 1 for the docking station. Is that OK? If it is, what do I do to prepare the controller for the swapping of the HDD on Port 1 or Port 4? (There is some implication that since Port 4 is under the eSATA category, it is ready for hot swapping.) I had to assign drive letters to the existing drives using Windows 7. I presume I will have to do the same for ports 1 and 4. Anything else I need to do?


      Many thanks for any help you can give!!

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          I discovered that my  BIOS revision level (November 15, 2010) did not have the hot swapping ability incorporated.  BIOS updates on May 23, 2011 and July 5, 2011 combined to make the DH67BL motherboard capable of hot swapping.  So, I need to update my BIOS.  Then my problems with hot swapping will go away.  Thanks to all of you who looked at my questions.