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    Intel® 6 Series Chipset - what revision(s) is (are) affected by "chipset circuit design issue"?


      Hello! I hope, everyone on this forum knows about Chipset circuit design issue http://www.intel.com/support/chipsets/6/sb/CS-032521.htm which affected Intel 6 Series Chipsets. Many people want to buy notebooks based on SandyBridge processor, but there are notebooks, equipped (according to CPU-Z, AIDA64, HWiNFO etc.) with Revision 04 / Stepping B2 southbridge. Some people say that Revision 04 southbridge actually has B3 Stepping, not B2. Whether it is true? What dependence between revision and stepping of the southbridge actually exists? And what southbridge revision isn't affected by Chipset circuit design issue? How can people identify, whether laptop is based on affected chipset or not? There are many cases when one utility (e.g. CPU-Z or AIDA64) says that laptop has B2 chipset, and another (e.g. Acer Stepping Check) says that it has B3 chipset.

      Sometimes after BIOS update CPU-Z and AIDA64 identify southbridge Revision/Stepping as 05/B3 instead of 04/B2. What information is true in this case - that stepping of the laptop chipset is B2 or B3?