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    Best Practice for installing storage drivers SSD and HP Elitebook


      Hi Everyone,


      I hope you can get me some advice what to do best in this scenario :


      Within a couple of days i'm going to install a HP Elitebook Workstation 8740w for my work. This notebook is equipped with a Intel QM57 Chipset.


      When i get this portable first thing i do is to replace the sata-hdd with a SSD 320-series 120 Gb version, and add a second drive (WD Scorpio Blue 640Gb), and install W7 x64 Pro on the Primairy SSD, Data and other tooling i install on the Secondary WD Drive. Also i will upgrade the memory to 16 Gb.


      I'm some confused about which storage-drivers i need to use for this portable for installation later on in combination with the storage i will use.


      When i checked the latest HP drivers for this specific notebook, they are talking about the Intel Matrix Storage Manager Driver Release




      But when i checked the latest Intel drivers for this controller they talk about the Intel Driver Release




      Are these two drivers diiferent from each other? Must i install both of them or not, and in wich phase of the W7 installation is it best to do this driver-installation?


      Thanks in advance for any comments !