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    How can I use eSATA to transfer data from an old RAID 1 drive to my new RAID 0 system?




      I had a lightning strike and fire start which needless to say coated my old RAID 1 system with soot.  I saved the drives since they are sealed, and have a Thermaltake BlacX docking station with eSATA and USB to use with my new RAID 0 based system.


      When I attempted to use the eSATA port for higher throughput to the new system, the array immediately used the hotswap feature and tried to absorb the drive into the ARRAY and External Port 4 and then stated the array was degraded.


      Even with this status being reported, the OS (Win7 Pro) opened it's option window and allowed the drive to be accessed by Windows Explorer.


      So, my question is, should I ignore the fact its being identified as Ext Port 4 (which is appropriate) and the subsequent array degraded message and transfer files to the System's volume without fear of the array trying to stripe across the external drive?


      Let me know if you need more information to help out.