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    "Processor Thermal Trip" Issue




      I have the following issue with my PC which I need some troubleshooting advice with.

      My PC specs are:

      CPU: Intel LGA 1156 i3 530 @ 2.93Ghz
      Mobo: Intel DH55TC "Tom Cove" (has intel media onboard gfx)
      Ram: 2x2GB DDR3 1333Mhz Kingston Memory
      GPU: Nvidia Gigabyte 8800GT
      HHD: Seagate 320GB
      PSU: Gigabyte Odin 500W (or 520, not sure)
      Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit with service pack 1


      Ive used the onboard graphics before so i knew it worked. So i installed a GPU for games and such. The card gave me endless problems and started mmaking multicoloured artifacts on the screen causing me to have to forcefully shut down the PC, so I wanted to revert back to the onboard gfx. I removed the card - plugged my screen in the onboard DVI connection - powered up the pc, but when windows 7 loads the pc shuts itself off automatically. It all started the night my GPU crashed showing those multicoloured artifacts (probably caused from overheating), but i cant see how it would affect the rest of my pc.


      When i power it back on i get the beep codes and message "processor thermal trip". So i reboot and go into bios to see what my CPU core temp is. It is measured at only 50.3 degrees max which is normal.


      When i load windows in safe mode there is no problems...as i am typing this message now in safe mode.


      I am trying to avoid formatting and installing a fresh copy of windows as i believe this might be a hardware fault??


      Please any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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          The CPU was overheating, and it shut it self down to prevent further damage. You may want to check if the CPU fan heatsink is fully seated.

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            Hallo Edward


            I checked again and the CPU heatsink is secure. According to the core temp readings in bios the CPU is only at 50 degree celcius. If that is an accurate reading then i cant see how the chip is overheating at all?


            Only thing i can think of is to apply new thermal paste and see if it will work.

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              Ok so to update on my situation. I went into safe mode again, uninstalled Intel media drivers. Used a program called "ccleaner" to clean all registry entries and registry errors. I also used ccleaner to disable all my startup programs to see if they might be causing any problems while starting up windows.


              The pc still shuts itself of when booting win7 normal mode after i did all of the above.

              I checked temps again in bios, CPU core temp 43C, but i noticed the PCH temp on a constant 59C...Is this normal?? or may this be the cause of my PC shutting itself off everytime and giving the "processor thermal trip" message?

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                If running in safe mode does not produce the problem that could mean that there is/are driver/drivers that is/are causing the problem when running in normal mode. This/These driver/drivers is/are not loaded when you are running in safemode thus no problem occuring. Why not run your win 7 repair disk and go back to a a previuos date where your computer was running normally? Choose recovery (I mean restore) in the menu. Or if you can access recovery (system restore) while in safemode then do it.


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                  When using recovery with the windows disc trying to do a system restore the pc shuts down before it completes. System restore completed in safe mode, but when trying to boot normal system shuts down at the windows logo "starting windows".


                  It seems im faced with the last resort of formatting. I suppose when my pc shuts down while installing windows it will be evident of a hardware issue?

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                    Make the formatting plan as your last option. Yes it is a possiblity that if the pc shuts down while installing windows you have a hardware problem. But from your statement it looks like you have a software problem since the pc runs normally in safemode. It could be a defective driver or some virus infecting your system. Maybe you can run your scanner in safemode to check for any infection?


                    If all else fails and if there are no important documents and programs that needs to be backup then you can format. Else backup first before formatting.

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                      Hi Boyet


                      I backed up all my data and went the formatting route. I tried 3 times to install windows with no success. The first two times i booted with windows disc, format and install a fresh copy. Pc shut itself off both times before the "expanding windows files" process could complete. The weird thing was the 3rd time i almost completed the windows setup, but in safe mode. Only at the last step where windows needed to restart my pc and continue to <i think normal mode> finalise installation, then the PC shuts itself off again.


                      "Processor thermal trip" is the only beep code i get each and every time.

                      I ran a memory diagnostic and there was no memory hardware faults.


                      So at the moment i have a Pc with an incomplete windows installation...


                      Any ideas as to what hardware might be causing this??


                      Could it be that it might be something to do with windows graphics visuals in normal mode which is disabled in safe mode e.g "aero skin", the hardware fault being something to do with the pc's onboard graphics processing?? Im definatly speaking under correction here, seeing as you guys are the pro's

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                        Try this: Reset the bios to default and start the installation of windows. When you reach the part of choosing where to place a new window select the existing partiton and delete it. That is delete whatever partiton that you can see displayed. Then let windows continue with the creation of a new partition and with the installation.

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                          Hi, i've loaded bios defaults and deleted the windows partition before installing. Tried it twice, Pc still keeps on shutting down during the windows installation setup..

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                            In that case you have to examine if something got loose in the motherboard specially the cpu fan attachment. They could be affected by the installation and removal of the external video card. Reseat also your rams. Check power connections. Do them by removing the power cord first for safety reasons.

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                              Yesterday i checked if everything is correctly seated on the motherboard, i removed the motherboard from the case just to see if i was correctly build into the case, because the retailer i bought it from build the pc. Well as i said befor this pc has been working for more than n year now. I removed the two ram chips and placed them in the other remaining slots. Checked if the CPU heatsink and fan was correctly seated, all the clips was in the right position and the heatsink was not loose on the CPU, i also checked the power connections, both CPU and main is correctly in position. After the thermal trip issue started i removed the whole heatsink and fan to clean it from dust for better airflow ect, also made sure then that the heatsink and fan was correctly in position.


                              Could i be missing something here? The only thing i can do is to test the power supply with another one, but im unsure how that will relate to the "precessor thermal trip" issue.

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                                "After the thermal trip issue started i removed the whole heatsink and fan to clean it from dust for better airflow ect, also made sure then that the heatsink and fan was correctly in position."  Thermal paste must be applied - Old one removed and replace with new one. You have to follow correctly the instructions as provided by the processor manufacturer.

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                                  Hi there


                                  I seem to have SOLVED my issue. It seems the problem was with my Gigabyte Odin 550W Power supply. These are my concluding remarks.


                                  I tested with another 400W psu and the pc successfully installed windows without the pc shutting iteself of. Pc running fine at the moment, i even installed my Nvidia Gigabyte 8800GT GPU and it's working again. So it seems the Gigabyte power supply is at fault here, it powers the pc and everything but the pc shuts itself off everytime.


                                  Oh and I applied new thermal paste to my i3 cpu. I knew the thermal trip message could not relate to an overheating problem because the cpu was cool to the touch when the pc shut itself off everytime.


                                  The weird thing is still why i could not boot in normal mode, but in safemode everything worked fine. I tested the Gigabyte psu in another pc of mine and had the same issue when booting into normal mode, the pc shut itself off. But with the second pc it would not turn on again when pressing the power button, i had to remove power cord and wait a while before trying again to turn on the pc. It is obviously the different way in which the motherboards protects itself. The second pc has a Asus LGA775 motherboard.


                                  Thanks for reading and for all the troubleshooting help.


                                  Kind Regards