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    i7 920 2.67 Ghz doens´t run at maximum- only 0,6 Ghz - Please Help.


      Hi all,

      i´m Dominik and i need help.


      My Processor Intel Core i7 920 with 2,67 Ghz doenst more on maximum Power.

      He run with 0,6 Ghz - 1,6 Ghz no more. If i need more Power for a Game - he doesnt do it.

      I doenst change nothing into the BIOS.


      If i make any change into the BIOS the Multiplikator are always Change:

      133 x 13

      133 x 12

      133 x 15

      133 x 17

      Why?? Is that normal?


      After i found this Problem i have updatet my BIOS. - But nothing.


      My System:


      Windows 7 Ultimate 64BIT

      Intel Core i7 920

      ATI 6990 4GB

      12 GB DDR3 RAM

      240 GB Hard disc

      680 GB Hard disc

      Mainboard: MSI X58 Pro



      be quiet! DARK POWER PRO BQT P9-850W




      The Processor works 2 Years GREAT but since 2 days in " slomotion " ;D


      3.jpg 1.jpg2.jpg4.jpg


      So PLEASE Help me... and sorry for my bad english ;D




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          Make sure that the Enhance Intel SpeedStep® Technology is disabled in the BIOS of the motherboard, since this feature will force the processor to run slower in order to safe power consumption.

          Usually this option is called EIST on the BIOS of the system, but if you have problems finding the option please contact the motherboard manufacturer.

          Also if possible I would suggest testing the processor on another motherboard to see if it causes the same behavior.