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    Blue screen comes up when installing graphics driver on DH67BL board with UEFI enabled


      I just built a new pc running Windows 64 32 bit Home Premium. I use a DH67BL motherboard and an Intel iCore 7 (2nd generation Sandy Bridge CPU) with 8 gig ram. I have a 3TB Seagate disk installed as my primary drive. I enabled UEFI in my Bios in order to boot from the drive. Everything goes well until I install the graphics driver. The PC would then throw a bluescreen of death during start up and I have to restore Windows to get it working again. (All other drivers work fine). I have updated my Bios and installed the latest and previous graphics driver with the same result. I also installed Windows on a normal 2TB Seagate drive without UEFI boot enabled and the graphics driver works fine then. Seems it is a clash between the graphics driver and UEFI. I don't want to install a dedicated graphics card but that seems to be the only solution. Can anyone be of assistance please? Thanks.