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    Intel Data Migration Tool cannot detect SSD but Intel SSD Toolbox can


      Hi Guys,


      Hope you can help. Been trying to migrate my SATA (Western D) boot partition to the Intel 320 SSD. Tried installing the IDMT (Intel Data Migratn Tool) however it refuses to detect. My PC is a Dell Precision 370 with AHCI/SATA option. My old drive is installed with WinXP SP2 with the AHCI drivers and it can boot. I connected the SSD to SATA1 and WinXP can see it, no problems and I formated it. I then downloaded Intel SSD Toolbox Kit and it too can see the drive and all test were clear.


      Whenever I start IDMT, it prompts "SSD not connected" and if your SSD is connect to a RAID or External enclosure please goto ...blah blah. But I can't get no help there. Read everything there is to read. All the guides and etc still nothing. I even toggled the BIOS AHCI to SATA but nothing, still can't see it. Any help will be appreciated, else I will have to try a clean WinXP SP3 install.... which is a drag. Help! SSD SOS!