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    DP67BG + uEFI + AHCI == no drives (firmware version 2040)


      I have a (to me) intractable problem with my DP67BG board. Setting boot mode to uEFI and SATA controller mode to AHCI or RAID results in no bootable drives being discovered, and attempts to install Windows 7 Ultimate / x64 to fail. Setting the SATA controller to IDE mode or disabling uEFI booting makes the drives accessible to the Windows 7 installer. According to another post in this section, uEFI + AHCI should be working on that board (but maybe not with the most recent firmware?).


      Relatedly, it seems the on-board NIC is not capable of uEFI driven PXE? Certainly, I cannot make my WDS server boot this machine in uEFI mode at all.