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    Intel SS4000-E, RAID 5 won't rebuild when inserting new drive


      I have the aforementioned Intel NAS system with 4 Seagate Constellation ES 1TB drives installed, set up in a RAID 5 configuration.


      One of the drives was marked off, and the remaing 3 drives were/are in a degraded state (expected behavior for when this would happen).


      I have inserted a new 1TB drive (another Seagate, this one is new but an earlier 1TB model which is 4900 RPM or something like that).


      From reading the user manual the RAID should start to rebuild automaticly but it is not.  The Drive is seen as "NEW" and is asking if I want to add it to the array.


      Any guidance on next steps or trouble shooting would be appreciated!





      I should also mention that before putting in the new 1TB drive I reinstalled the 1TB which was in the RAID and it was seen as a NEW drive with a capacity greater than the native single drive capacity (want to say it was 2.x TB, or 3.x TB).  Also the serial number was not being reported correctly.  I didn't notice this before and added it as a new drive thinking the rebuild would start then, but it didn't.

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