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    intel  DH67DL RAID problems




      I have put togheter a RAID 0 in a DH67BL (i5) with two 6GB/s 500GB HDs (for the RAID 0 volume) and one 3GB/s 500GB, Ultimate win7 and 8GB ddr3 ram.

      I pluged 6GB/s HDs to the BLUE SATA mobo connectors as required and at BIOS they where reported as 6 BG/s units.

      After RAID0 setup BIOS reports both 6GB/s units as 3GB/s.


      Is that correct ??


      Your help will be apreciated



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          Indeed, your system configuration seems correct. Bear in mind that all RAID drives will be working together, simultaneously. If one of the drives is slower, the whole RAID volume will be slowed down.

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            Jose, Thank for your help.


            Note the following:

            DH67BL mobo (wrong at the title) supports 2 blue 6GB/s and two black 3GB/s SATA controllers.

            Based in such specs I bought 2 6GB/s HD for the RAID5 (data) and one 3GB/s HD for the OS and soft.


            But looks like intel RST  does not allow me such configuration (1 RAID with two 6GB HDs + one 3GB HD )

            In such config I understand RAID's HD should run at 6GB/s. But RST requires to have  the three HDs for the RAID.

            At least I didnt find the way how to include just two HD for the RAID.


            Can you give me an idea if that can be done and how to do that?


            Keep in mind that it is a fresh installation


            Thanks in advance


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              The situation you are having is due to the fact that the RAID volume that you are trying to set requires at least 3 drives. RAID types 1 and 0 require only 2 drives. RAID-5 requires 3 drives minimum, and RAID-10 requires 4.


              This website provides a great explaination on the different types of RAID volumes.


              *These links are being offered for your convenience and should not be viewed as an endorsement by Intel for the content, products, or services offered there.

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                tank you, you are rigth!


                I have mistaked chooising a 2 6MB/s SATA handler instead of a 3 one.


                Thank you for your help