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    Problem enabling VLAN id-view on intel 82567LM gig card/windows 7


      while trying to sniff some vlan tagged packets using wireshark on my laptop NIC, i noticed that
      the packets' vlan info was stripped off when viewing on the laptop.
      Turns out VLan tag might be stripped off by default, by the intel NIC. i ofund the following link to change the default behavior:


      the above link calls for few things which it doesn't explain. Please help me find the following:
      1> instance  number of the network adapter
      2>how would i know whther my network card is PCI/PCI-x or PCI-e based


      my device manager says the card is 'intel 82567lm gigabit network connection'

      I'm running windows 7 on my laptop.


      Can someone help me out with this