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    Problem launch i3-550 on DH55PJ - two beeps



      PC's built with the following configuration:

      - Intel DH55PJ Socket 1156 Motherboard
      - Intel Core i3-550 3.2Ghz 4M LGA1156 CPU
      - NCP DDR III 2048MB PC3-10600 1333MHz
      - NCP DDR III 2048MB PC3-10600 1333MHz
      - WD 320GB 16MB/SATA
      - LG GH22-NS50 DVDRW SATA w/o Software OEM
      - Power Up Black Mid T ATX Case w/350w


      When power is on, issued a launch beep, but then after a while - issued a next single beep and the monitor is not initialized.
      The manufacturer's website says that this is the case when the processor does not have a graphics core. However, the specification of the processor indicates that it has a graphics core, and the motherboard - support this processors.


      In what may be another problem???, thanks.

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          Try the following:

          Clear CMOS, pulling the coin battery out for 5 minutes then put it back (in normal position) this way we can clear the settings to default, then try the system with basic configuration: processor and processor’s fan, ) and a single memory stick on the blue DIMM (the blue DIMMs need to be populated first) closest to the processor. No hard drive nor optical device (dvd-cd), finally add one memory stick at the time and then hard drive and optical, this way you can isolate the problem.

          Best regards

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            None of the attempts made no headway.
            Initially, I unplug the power cord. Remove BIOS CFG jumper  for 30 seconds., then at 15 seconds, close 2-3 pin. Then put the jumper in place (1-2), connecting the power cable. Turning on the power - to no avail.
            Then - to disconnect drives and CD-ROM - the same thing.


            Display connected via DVI ...


            After that, did everything as you said. Took out the battery, for 15 minutes, then unplug the power cable and stand for 20 minutes. Disconnected hard drive, CD-ROM, took out one memory stick. Unplug mouse and keyboard.
            Connect power. Restart the computer. Gives start-beep, after 12-15 seconds - the second beep. And as before.


            (!!!) I'll try the video card and/or an analog output .... I have no thoughts ...


            In accordance with the instructions it should work. Labeling, types, and compatibility - the same. All's is new.

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              Problem solved !!!

              By plug monitor to vga !!!


              Its not possible! Manual  said, that DVI is used when VGA is not connected, including and for work with the POST screen. But - you can not initiate DVI before (or witout) VGA ... !!!

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                Good Troubleshooting. Try the system outside of the case, could be a grounding problem between the board and the chassis. If that does not work try a BIOS recovery (even if the system is not booting up, it may get enough power to do the BIOS recovery). Please follow the instruction from the following link:



                You can get the BIOS version here: http://downloadcenter.intel.com/SearchResult.aspx?lang=eng&ProductFamily=Desktop+Boards&ProductLine=Intel%C2%AE+5+Series+Chipset+Boards&ProductProduct=Intel%C2%AE+Desktop+Board+DH55PJ


                I will recommend try a Version: 0040 first the jump to the latest one 0045.

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                  I Have same problems and YES I have try virth VGA, DVI kabel, Update bios to 0045, nothing is helping.


                  Please help me.\



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                    Sorry, I was no on-site some time.
                    The two signals - do not always mean a mistake graphics core. On startup - a standard signal, the second - after initialization of some devices some time later.
                    However, if all else fails - the only way - (the first post) - reset the BIOS by removing the battery and disconnect all peripherals. And the latest version of the BIOS seems like 78 or so (but I could be wrong).
                    All the answers before - is valid and correct and work. I can not think of something more complete.
                    1. - Only VGA connector
                    2. Reset the BIOS by carefully removing the battery for 5-15 minutes and remove the power cord
                    3. Disconnect all the peripherals and internal divices (hdd, cd etc.) and as such try to run
                    P.S. Do not forget to return the battery and power back. Next in series connect the device again.
                    Best regards