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    What could cause a BSOD 101 on a i3-2100 with D67GD new build?


      To clarify, my specs are here on this Newegg public list (or search for SQ-HTPC1): http://secure.newegg.com/WishList/PublicWishDetail.aspx?WishListNumber=24076428. This is an HTPC.


      At http://www.sevenforums.com/crash-lockup-debug-how/63501-stop-0x101-clock_watchdog_timeout-troubleshtg.html sevenforums.com indicates this should be a hardware failure, drivers, or BIOS.  The system has gone through Prime95 for Blended and Small FFTs for at least 5-6 each, maxing the CPU at 70C (idle ~39C). It's passing a MemTest86+ right now. I'm preparing to flash the BIOS to the latest, though there's nothing in the release notes to indicate that would help. All other board and other driver/software updates from ALL manufacturers are up to date as of 7/30/2011.


      PC to hooked to TV via HDMI. Internal LAN is not being used yet. No AVR or speakers yet.



      - BSOD 101 usually (but not always) while recording a TV running from my Set Top Box into the Hauppauge device through it's bundled ArcSoft ShowBiz software via component, though I witnessed it once while idle

      - BSOD usually preceded by a long robotic-like static through the TV speakers.  Like an emergency broadcast system tone might sound through The Matrix.

      - In other words, it is usually recording fine, then the screen freezes and the tone starts, then the BSOD appears ... usually. Sometimes it just stays frozen and toning like that until I shutdown. Sometimes it goes directly to BSOD without warning.

      - At least once, after such a crash, when I "input" the TV back to direct cable, the TV was black also until a TV reboot.

      - One other time, the PC could not ID the TV. It showed VGA via TightVNC but nothing showed on the TV at all. This persisted through several reboots and (probably accidently) started working when I connected HTPC to HDMI1 (my normal direct cable connection). Then I switched it back and all has been well so far.


      Naturally, Hauppauge claims it is not their fault.  I'm hoping to find a hardware problem here before I hit the 30-day window (and 1wk vacation in the middle of that time). But so far the Prime95 temp tests, the RAM tests, updated drivers, etc. ... all of it seems to be working out.


      Has anyone else seen this? And/or what else can I try? What would be your course of action in this situation? Thanks!

      Spiff :^{D