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    Intel HD Graphics Driver - Profile Saving


      When hooking up an external monitor via an HDMI connector, a checkbox for "IT Content" is checked. I wish to permanently disable the "IT Content" option. When I save the profile, this is not saving like it's supposed to!!!!


      The Intel Menu is in the Intel Graphics Properties or type in igfxcpl.cpl in the search/run. The "IT Content" option only appears when you have an external HDMI device plugged in.


      Is there an option in the registry under "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Intel\Display\igfxcui\schemes\" where I can manually input this?

      Or is there a command line option with the "C:\Windows\System32\igfxcfg.exe /SchemeName:YourSchemeName" command?


      The reason for disabling the "IT Content" option is to fix the graphics on the external display. No amount of tweaking can correct the horizontal & vertical issues, except for the unchecking of the box. This bug is reproducable on other systems, including by other people at Sony's Tier 3 tech support labs.



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          Thank you for your feedback. I just wanted to let you know that we have a customer that has contacted us directly to our e-mail support and currently this issue in under investigation.


          By now I suggest you to wait for the new release of the driver and check on its release notes to see if the fix will be available.


          Thank you for your patience.

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            I have the same problem using a DZ68DB motherboard under Windows 7 Ultimate 32 bit. I have updated the drivers to (20 December 2011) version. The "IT Content" disable setting is still not persisted causing my Sony HD TV display to appear to "overscan". Can you please advise when this defect is expected to be fixed?



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              Has there been any update on this? The original post was over 6 months ago.


              I too am having the same issue. It's incredibly frustrating. With "IT Content" checked, my image quality on my Sony LED tv is muted and grayed. When I uncheck it, the image quality is great.


              But each time the computer is rebooted, or goes into hibernation mode, the graphics settings reset themselves! And "IT content" goes back to a checked state.

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                Hi, I am having the same problem as well.  With "IT content" unchecked, my Sony 46w4100 HDTV looks great.  With it checked, everything is washed out.  Have tried playing with all the other settings to no avail.  As soon as I put my HTPC to sleep and wake it up again, "IT Content" is checked again!.  I've got a 3250 with HD4000.  I've tried both the official and beta drivers, but nothing seems to help.  Please help!

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                  I'm having this problem also.  I'm very happy to have even found this page.  Now I can effective use this computer (HP 8200 Tower, also happens with HP Probook 6460p) on my HP 25" 2509p monitor via DP to HDMI (works fine with DP to DVI, but this monitor only has one of each).  Yes, this is a total pain to have to do this every time I switch sources, but I get to use 2 digital inputs!!  I don't know why a computer monitor would even overscan in the first place, but the computer is clearing sending something to the screen that makes it this this is a TV source and not a computer.


                  For me this problem is worse than the image being fuzzy.  I can't see the start button, or the title bar on any maximized windows, or the 1st column of icons on the left.  How am I supposed to open or close any programs???  Everything had to run in a blurry floating window before I can even us it...

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                    I am seeing this issue as well with my Intel HD Graphics 4000 driver software on my Qosmio X870. I kept thinking there was something wrong with my TV's settings (I always turn off Dynamic Contrast / "Auto-adjust" type settings), but even when I disabled those things in my TV.. DCR was pretty obviously happening. Once I unchecked "IT Content", that issue was resolved.. but the box keeps going back to a "checked" state, and I'm not sure why. Why doesn't it persist if I've set it that way? Is there a way to permanently disable it or make the default state "disabled" if it's going to reset what I've told it to do every time I restart my computer or put it in hibernation? It's kind've annoying to have to reset something so often that is basic to the function of my computer. It's like having to tell Windows I want a QWERTY keyboard instead of DVORAK every time I start-up. Help?

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                      Thank you for your patience on this matter.


                      I have forwarded a heads up to my escalation point to find out if there is an update on this matter. I hope to get back to you soon.

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                        I just wanted to add that I am experiencing the same issue.  Disabling the "IT Content" setting is not persistent.  It re-enables itself anytime the computer reboots or hibernate.  I'm using the latest Intel HD Graphics 4000 drivers.