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    DH67BL memory remap to gain memory in Windows 7


      I have purchased a new pc with i5 2500k and DH67BL mb with 4GB DDR3 ram 1333mhz.


      My problem is, in bios it shows correct amount of ram as 4gb.


      but when i boot to windows 7 32 bit, it shows only 2.99gb available from full 4gb.I have nvidia 9400gt 512mb graphics card.


      I have read on net to memory remap the board and gain the memory back.


      I also installed 64bit windows 7 along with it. But it shows also 3.1 gb of ram.


      SO how to fully use all 4gb ram?how to memory remap on board?is there any other setting on board to regain the memory?