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    DNS Issues on HP7800 since enabling AMT


      Hi, since i enabled AMT in our environment quite a few of our hp7800 desktops come up in dns as hpsystems.fqdn (they come up this way in reverse look up, no forward lookup seems to get created at all)


      I found stuff on this site to fix this, have not tested the fix yet.


      My question is, is there a way to mass fix this issue remotely? The posted fix seems to be a manual fix


      We have quite a few remote branch offices and numerous desktops have this issue.


      It was brought to my attention from our service desk as users could only rdp to there machines trough ip and no longer through hostname


      please let me know





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               Is these system provisioned or only waiting for provisioning?

               If you can run the AMT Diagnostic Tool (aka. AMT DiagTool) in one of these HP 7800 machines that is presenting this behavior, we can try to find the root cause and a way to fix it in mass.


          Best Regards!

          --Bruno Domingues

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            Hey Bruno,


            I checked quite a few of these affected clients and none of them are provisioned, probably because amt provisioning is so dependent on dns ???


            I took a look in the mebx of a few of these systems and the hostname section shows hpsystems wich is the default the mebx comes with


            seem like this mebx hostname of hpsystems is not getting updated with the os hostname and is being passed to the forward dns. they all come up the same way in dns(reverse lookup)....hpsystems.fqdn and they are all 7800's


            I ran the AMT diag tool you sent me on a few clients and the test passed.


            let me know



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                   For sure that PKI provisioning is completely DNS dependent.

                   In your AMT Diag run try, did you fill these two information:




                   It's really important that vPro client machine check if server certificate match with DHCP configuration. Server Certificate is important just in case the SCCM provisioning failed after the first phase of provisioning.


                   This test is rock solid.


              Best Regards!

              --Bruno Domingues

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                Hi Bruno, i figured out a way to fix this issue.


                fyi to others that may encounter this problem on a HP dc7800


                1. update system bios to latest version


                2. update mebx to latest version


                3. delete dns entry on dns server


                4. force a registerdns on client


                5. force provisioning on client


                and bingo


                worked for me anyways.


                thanks for your help.