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    DX58SO Warranty not accepted, because of 1366 socket plastic cover lost!




      I was enjoying my dx58so around 18 months until my PC just shot down by itself. We find out, that mainboard is dead. I've sent it to online store, online store sent it to distributor and distributor says: "They will give me a new dx58so, but the only condition to get new mainboard is... to sent 1366 socket plastic cover (!?)". (Yes, the same small junk, you throwing to the bin after you plug processor in!).


      I reply that, they can get this "plastic cover" from my new mainboard, I'll try survive without this.


      "They sorry, they can't do this that way..."



      Is there anything magic around this small peace of plastic I shall know about? Is there a word about it in Intel warranty conditions? Could someone please help me understand? Of finaly is there any chance to get it?


      BTW; I don't think it should be issue for customer who gets this kind of high-end mainboard.


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