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    Driver Needed: SM Bus Controller for Win7 x64 on a 2011 MacMini


      Hi, I have googled extensively for an answer for this, but have not found a workable solution. My new Mac Mini (2011, 5,2) with OS X Lion will not complete Bootcamp auto install with x64 Windows 7 (from the Mac sites, this seems to be all too common), but I was able to manually install most of the drivers by extracting them from the aborted install under OS X.


      The only driver not found is the SM Bus Controller, which on PC forums is claimed to be Intel and on Mac Forums supposed to be NVidia.


      I have seen the recommend fix on this forum: infinst911autol.exe on here but I am hesistant to install a software platform with unknown consequences rather than the correct driver, especially since the MacMini is running great in x64, everything seems to work fine, great Win Score.


      It just bothers me to have a missing driver (sorry).


      Any suggestions appreciated.