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    DH57JG mini-itx mobo Bios Management Engine issue


      I've now tried updating this motherboard with all bios versions since 396.   396 bios installs successfully and runs without issues.


      All bios updates since then, including 537, 625 and the latest 656 version all fail to install the Management Engine components successfully.   The bios update completes successfully, however the ME component fails.   If you go into the BIOS config afterwards and choose the ME config screen, the bios will freeze and require a forced re-boot.


      During POST process an error message flashes across the screen in RED very quickly, however the boot continues.   With Windows 7 running, the ME driver (latest published version) fails to run since the ME engine is damaged in the bios and therefore the ME utilities will not run either.   I disabled this driver in Windows and other than this issue, the operating system runs fine.


      I know that if I revert back to bios 396 this problem with ME goes away, however I only performed these bios updates as I use the Intel RST feature of this mobo and wanted the latest firmware running in this regard.  


      Any one else run into this ME bios problem with DH57JG mobo and are there any suggestions other than switching back to prior bios 396?


      Thank you.