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    HD2000 not detecting proper display


      Lots of issues here..... First off, system specs:

      Intel Pentium G850 Processor

      Asus P8H67-M Evo Motherboard

      4 Gig RAM

      Now the fun hardware....

      Pioneer VSX-920 A/V Receiver

      Panasonic P50GT30 HDTV


      So problem #1, same as a lot of people, if I attempt to update my graphics drivers, the system BSODs and goes black upon reboot.  Then I have to do a system restore.  That seems to be a systemic problem so not really an option.  Asus themselves haven't listed the latest Intel graphics drivers on thair site yet which tells me they are fully awair of the problem.


      Problem #2: Becuase I am running through an a/v reciever, intel graphics says my monitor is a VSX-920 television. WRONG! Really odd thingis, my Playstation 3 detects the television just fine and it runs through the same reciever. So because the graphics processor isn't detecting the proper display, it says I don't have proper copyright permissions to play certain blue-ray movies and it doesn't detect the 3D at all. Once again, let me reitterate, the PS3 detects everything fine and plays beautiful 3D movies.  Any ideas?


      Problem #3: I can't find any way to complaine directly to anybody at intel. The only way to get a human to help me is this forum.  For the love of God almighty, please let an actual Intel Tech support read this and help me.


      So if anybody has a solution to any of this, please help me.

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          BTW, forgot to mention, I'm running Win7 x64 Premium

          I'm using PowerDVD for Blue-Rays and Windows Media Player for DVDs because Power DVD isn't playing my DVDs correctly.  Thats another issue but not one for this forum.  And hopefully when the graphics thing gets fixed, that'll work as well.