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    Centrino Advanced-N 6230 not finding G networks


      I have a Dell L502X laptop purchased about 6 months ago.  Recently, while on vacation, the wireless stopped finding networks.  When I went to find a network it had a red "x" on the wireless icon in the tray notification area and said "no available networks," even though I was at a friend's house and had verified that his network was working properly.  When I got back home, all was fine and it found my network.  However, usually in the network list, there's about 20 networks as it "finds" all of my neighbors' networks as well.  So, what I've determined is that it is finding N networks (which mine is) but not G networks (which my neighbors probably are and my friend's network was.)  Anyone else having a problem with their wireless finding one set of networks but not another?  Anyone know of a setting fix for this?  I can say that it was working before my June vacation because I was at my parents' place in April and it found theirs fine (which is a G) but when I went back to their place in July it did not find their network.  I have a dispatch in to Dell for a new wireless card, but wanted to check and see if anyone here (or any Intel techs monitoring these forums) may be familiar with this issue and if it might be a setting problem or a registry issue that is resolvable?