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    DZ68DB Motherboard - Why No Intel Desktop Utility for it?


      Two Questions:

      I just loaded the motherboard drivers for my Intel motherboard and there is a shortcut on the desktop called "Download Intel Desktop Utilities".  It takes you to www.intel.com/design/motherbd/software/idu/index.htm 


      I click on "Download Intel Desktop Utilities" then I select "DESKTOP BOARDS" then I select "INTEL 6 SERIES DESKTOP BOARDS" then my motherboard is NOT in the list of motherboards to the right.


      I want to download the "Desktop Board" utility that shows you the status of my motherboard DZ68DB.


      QUESTION: Will the utility for "Intel 6 Series Chipset"  work for my motherboard even though my specific motherboard is not listed?


      QUESTION: When will Intel add support for my DZ68DB motherboard?   Thanks all.  Rick

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