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    Upgrading an existing RAID 10 array


      Hi all. I have a RAID 10 setup on an ICH9R chipset (ASUS P5K-E motherboard). It has four identical 320GB drives for a total of 640GB usable space. I have it partitioned into an 80GB partition and a 560GB partition. (All numbers are approximate.)


      I would like to upgrade the array to 1TB drives, creating a new 2TB of virtual space. I do not have another ICH9R-based motherboard to use as a setup vehicle, so I figure that I will need to do the upgrade in-place. Here's my idea:


      1. Determine which drives are used for which half of the mirror set, based on serial numbers.
      2. Remove two of the 320GB drives, leaving two that have unique data.
      3. Confirm that the remaining 320GB drives function together in degraded mode.
      4. Replace the removed drives with two of the new 1TB drives.
      5. Tell the ICH BIOS to restore the array to the new 1TB drives.
      6. Remove the remaining two 320GB drives.
      7. Confirm that the new 1TB drives function in degraded mode.
      8. Add the remaining two 1TB drives.
      9. Again, tell ICH to restore the array to the new 1TB drives.
      10. Tell ICH to expand the array to fill the 2TB drive set.
      11. Use gparted to resize the 560GB partition to fill the empty space.


      Is there any reason this process would fail? Is there a better approach? Step 10 is actually the one I'm least sure about - does the ICH BIOS or the Matrix software support expanding an existing array to fill empty space?


      Thanks in advance.

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          We apologize for the inconvenience, but this procedure would not work to extend your RAID size.

          If you remove 2 hard drives from the RAID 10 and rebuild to new disks, the size of the volume will not change, regardless of the disk sizes. In this case, the 2TB disks will only use 320GB of space for the RAID, and the remaining space not be used at all.  Option 10, "Tell ICH to expand the array to fill the 2TB drive set", is not really an option in this case.


          If you are going to purchase new disks, I recommend creating a new array and transferring the data directly. \

          As an alternative, you can connect one of the 2TB disks and leave all the disks on your RAID 10 connected to the system. After you transfer all the files, migrate that 2TB to a new array, using the Intel(R) Rapid Storage Technology.


          For more information, please refer to the following website:


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            Tomás Crespo

            Could you be more specific?? I'm on the same situation.


            I have a Intel RAID 10  with 4 disk of 500GB each and I want migrate to 1,5TB disks.


            Thank you