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    Intel 320 120GB SSD with Dell E6410 major freezing issue...


      I have a Dell E6410 with a new Intel 320 120GB SSD installed. Loaded a fresh copy of Windows 7 Pro 32bit and all of the latest Dell and Intel drivers and Microsoft updates. With this config, the Dell will randomly lock up (complete freeze requiring a po/po) within 30 minutes or so. Looking in the Event Viewer, there is nothing specific that indicates what service, driver, etc may be causing the problem.


      Here's what I did to troubleshoot. Formatted the SSD and reinstalled Win 7 Pro 32bit from scratch. Once the initial desktop loaded, it will lock up within 30 mins. I have a Western Digital 160GB 5400RPM drive and perform the exact same install and it will not lock up at all. Ran diagnostics and all hardware checked out fine...even swapped memory modules.


      With both drives I tried all 3 SATA modes (reinstalling Win7 for each one): AHCI, RAID and ATA...SSD always locks, but the Western Digital doesn't. There is some sort of incompatibility between the Dell E6410 and Intel 320 120GB drive.


      PLEASE HELP INTEL! I didn't expect to get this type of behavior with your SSDs on a Dell.